Reports of 21 new cases of infection in Vesterålen

It emerges from the Reporting System for Infectious Diseases (MSIS)’s statistics, which are also presented by VG.

In Vesterålen, the infection has recently been most increasing in Hadsel. On Friday, 23 cases were registered in the municipality. As mentioned above, 19 cases are reported on Saturday.

– We also know that there are many who are worried about the growing infection and how we should behave. We will post weekly figures on infected people in our municipality in the future, but we are most concerned about hospitalizations and serious illness, said municipal chief physician Ingebjørn Bleidvin to VOL on Friday.

He also emphasized that it is important to live as normally as possible in the future, especially for children and young people. At the same time, he also pointed out that it is important to maintain the good prevention habits we have had since the start of the pandemic.

– Be aware of distance, have good hand hygiene, and most importantly, stay at home and test yourself if you have symptoms, he said.

In addition to Hadsel, Sortland was the only one of the Vesterål municipalities where positive test results were registered on Saturday. Two positive cases were reported there.


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