WASHINGTON (AP) – In the trade dispute between the US and China, US President Donald Trump wants to make his threats true, according to media reports, and drastically tighten the conflict.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported on Saturday (local time), citing high-ranking circles, that Trump had decided to impose special duties on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods – which he announced in a matter of days. The Wall Street Journal wrote that such an announcement is likely to be on Monday or Tuesday.

At present, US special duties on Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion are in force. Some time ago, Trump threatened to extend this to a $ 200 billion special tariff on Chinese goods. That together would account for about half of all annual imports from China to the US. The government in Beijing, in turn, had announced that it would respond to these tariffs with countermeasures.

Just over a week ago, Trump had once again expanded the threat to China and promised a third escalation level: he threatened Beijing with additional duties on goods valued at $ 267 billion. Should that happen, all US imports from China would eventually be subject to special tariffs. According to the media reports, Trump now wants to set the second stage of escalation first.



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