Several US media want one Controversial campaign spot no longer emanate from US President Donald Tump. In addition to stations like NBC and CNN also told the conservative broadcaster Fox to stop showing the video. The television spot can be found in several versions on the Internet.

The video warns Americans about allegedly criminal immigrants who are indifferent to United States laws. As evidence of this, the film shows footage of Luis Bracamontes, one
Mexicans immigrating to the US illegally sentenced to death for the murder of two police officers in California. The
Commercial cites him with the words: "The only thing I regret is
 that I only killed two. "In the end is the voice of the
US President: "I'm Donald Trump and I have this
Message released. "

In the video, the Democrats are named as guilty. They have the man
 left in the country, is the charge, without giving evidence. Afterwards there are still crowds to see
shaking a fence to knock it down. The clip is accompanied by dramatic music and calls on the people to vote in the congressional elections republican. "It's outrageous what Democrats are doing with our country,"
commented Trump the spot on Twitter.

Fox wants to check the spot

CNN share with, the campaign is racist, NBC showed her on Sunday on her show Sunday Night Footballwhich is commonly seen by around 20 million people. Now NBC also said that the advertising is inappropriate and therefore will no longer be shown.

According to a Fox statement, the spot is being dropped from the program for further review, even with the conservative broadcaster. Facebook said it was a mistake to allow him. Users could still post it on their profile.

Trump finds journalists' questions offensive

Asked if he finds the spot offensive, Trump told journalists, "Many things are insulting, and their questions are often insulting."

Trump campaign spokesman Brad Parscale wrote on Twitter that NBC News, CNN and Facebook had sided with those who are illegal in the US. He did not mention Fox News.



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