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Reschke excludes resignation

The situation at VfB Stuttgart is currently desolate.

The 0-3 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt was already the fourth defeat in a row. Under new coach Markus Weinzierl did not score in the past three games. With only five points, VfB is in last place in the table. (The game to read in TICKER)

The highlights of the game in Bundesliga Pur on Sunday from 9.30 clock on TV and STREAM on SPORT1

Sporting Director Michael Reschke is currently far from drawing personal consequences from the misery. When asked if he could imagine withdrawing from VfB, the 61-year-old responded euro Sport: "I'm still far away from that at the moment."

Reschke wants to take responsibility

But he does not want to shirk his responsibilities. "The fact is: If you have five points after ten games and you are responsible for the squad planning, then you have to face it too," said Reschke.

"I'm a part of the team and an integral part of the club, and I see myself as having a sporting responsibility, including what has happened now, in terms of communicating self-confidence and courage in talks," added Reschke.

Everything about the 10th matchday in the Bundesliga on Sunday from 11 clock in "CHECK24 double passport" on SPORT1 with the guests Andreas Möller, Halil Altintop and Marcel Reif

Previously, Supervisory Board member Guido Buchwald had SPORT1Interview among others also criticized Reschke. "Some decisions were certainly unfortunate," said Buchwald and referred to the premature contract renewal with Weinzierls predecessor Tayfun Korkut as a mistake.

Reschke continues to be convinced by Kader

Blame for the misery is in the opinion of VfB sports director not alone the team. "I'm still convinced that the squad is definitely better than what we're showing right now."

Already at the beginning of the season injury had caused the Stuttgart accordingly, and caused a bad start. (Table of the Bundesliga)

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In the away game against 1. FC Nuremberg VfB must try this Saturday to take the first step from the table cellar (Bundesliga: 1. FC Nuremberg – VfB Stuttgart, Saturday, 10. November 15.30 clock in LIVETICKER).



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