Rescued 350 immigrants in the Mediterranean, who remain waiting for a safe harbor

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The Spanish flag humanitarian ships Open Arms and Aita Mari remain waiting to be assigned a safe harbor in Italy or Malta to disembark respectively 73 and 78 immigrants who rescued north of the coast of Libya in two operations carried out on Thursday.

The performance of these ships, owned by the first of the NGO Open Arms and Humanitarian Maritime Rescue (SMH) the second, coincides in the central Mediterranean with the dthe Ocean Viking of Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterranée, which has 215 auxiliary people on board from two boats, including at least 36 unaccompanied minors.

Tonight will be 48 hours of rescue due to the danger of shipwreck executed by the Open Arms, which occurred in waters of Libyan responsibility.

According to sources from the NGO, the first hours afterwards had to devote them to the search for a vessel with 94 occupants – in which Aita Mari also participated – which proved fruitless, and always while waiting for a response from Italy or Malta to the request for a Safe Harbor. There was no reply, despite which The ship is heading to Lampedusa at this time in anticipation of a storm and with the hope that they will be authorized to protect themselves on the island. There they will ask for the evacuation of the passage, which includes two minors and accumulates "many medical cases" as a result of the violence that immigrants have suffered in Libya.

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