Researchers believe they have found the recipe to curb COVID-19

A team of researchers from the University of Montreal believes they have found the recipe to end the spread of COVID-19 in Quebec. She discovered it by analyzing the mathematical models of 32 studies examining the coronavirus crisis. “If we managed to do, in less than three days, a good process of testing, contact tracing and support with people who self-quarantine, we could stop the pandemic,” said public health doctor Carl -Étienne Juneau, who is one of the authors of this analysis.

According to Carl-Étienne Juneau, the pandemic containment process is divided into four stages. When a person becomes ill, they must first take the initiative to get tested. Then, the test must be accessible and the result must be issued quickly. Then, when the result is positive, the next step is to find all the people who have been in contact with that person. Studies suggest that if we can reach 80% of the people who have been in contact, still in less than three days, and that there is no further transmission of the disease in these people who quarantine , we can control the epidemic, emphasizes Carl-Étienne Juneau.

The fourth and final step is to quarantine all infected people and support them during this time.

Carl-Étienne Juneau specifies that the longer the delays between each of these stages, the less likely we are to bring the pandemic under control.

According to him, to make this process more efficient and thus hope to put an end to the crisis, a person must be mandated to supervise it, with a budget dedicated to this end. To my knowledge, there is no one in Quebec who is responsible for the efficiency of the process from start to finish., deplores the doctor of public health.

He adds that we are at an ideal time to reform this process, as we are in a pandemic lull. The fewer cases, the easier it is to control, he recalls.

Carl-Étienne Juneau mentions that during the A (H1N1) flu crisis, researchers estimated that it was 4,000 times cheaper to focus on contact tracing than to close schools. Yes, we’ll have to spend to do it, but it’s still cheaper than closing everything, he said.

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