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Researchers discover a vulnerability in Google Photo

09:17 PM

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Researchers at the piracy protection company Imperva have discovered a security vulnerability in the Google Photo web version.

According to the world of technology, the vulnerability allows hackers to track the user's log of data based on the data attached to images, and explained that the hackers and third-party applications can access the site information through the basic principles used in the history of images, depending on the time and place while keeping on the cloud platform For "Google".

The attack is done by deceiving the user by opening a link to a malicious Web site at the same time as he or she logs in to Google Images, often by sending an email or by filtering malware.

The software instantly interacts with the victim's visual content and access to the details of the data attached to the images, enabling the attacker to access the information he wants through analysis and using the search features available in the image-saving service.

Google has made some updates to fill this gap.



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