Researchers have identified the diet to follow if you want to live as long as possible

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Even though we may consider human life expectancy to be reasonable, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to live longer. To this effect, we have long sought methods and techniques to increase our longevity and, according to a new study, there is a diet that could help with this effect.

A diet low in animal protein and high in unrefined carbohydrates

Everyone wants to live longer. And we’re often told that the key to doing that is making healthier lifestyle choices, like exercising, avoiding smoking, and not drinking too much alcohol. Numerous studies have also shown that diet plays an important role in longevity and, following this principle, many diets have greatly increased in popularity. While there are indeed many benefits to these different diets, a new study by researchers at the University of Southern California has identified the diet to follow to live the longest possible life.

Nicknamed ” Longevity Diet ” (translated by ” longevity diet “), this diet described in the review Cell is based on a diet low in animal protein and high in unrefined carbohydrates. More specifically, it is a diet with ” lots of legumes, whole grains and vegetables; Fish ; no red meat or processed meat and very little white meat; low sugar and refined grains; good levels of nuts and olive oil, and dark chocolate “, said the professor Valter Longolead author of the study, in a statement.

The researchers specified that this diet had no precise formula and that it had to be adapted to each individual, taking into account their age, sex, state of health and lifestyle. They also emphasized that it was not a diet based on food restriction, but rather ” a lifestyle focused on slowing aging “. Thus, this diet is made to accompany standard health care and habits in order to stay alive and healthy for as long as possible. Adopting this healthier eating pattern early in life could add up to a decade to the average lifespan, reported Healthline.

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A diet based on over a hundred years of research

To reach these conclusions, the researchers reviewed hundreds of nutrition studies to identify a common denominator in nutritional patterns that promote longer lives and better health. ” We explored the link between nutrients, fasting, genes and longevity in short-lived species, and linked these links to clinical and epidemiological studies in primates and humans – including centenarians “, explained the professor Longo.

Scientists believe that this multi-system, multi-pillar approach harnessing more than a century of research is a solid foundation for nutritional recommendations that promote longevity and good health. Moreover, in addition to the adoption of a Longevity Diet, the researchers also explained that the planning of meal times, as well as the duration and frequency of fasting periods also played an important role. For all these reasons, scientists recommend that the adoption of this type of diet be done with the monitoring and support of a health professional.