Reservists caught up at home

By losing 4-2 against FC Ouest Tourangeau on Friday evening at Jacques-Couvret, Chartres certainly said goodbye to an honorary podium before ending the season at Saint-Jean-le-Blanc, in a week.

From the third minute, a returning cross from Jedd was miraculously released by El Hamine, the Touraine goalkeeper. But the Ligériens would quickly establish their domination thanks to a quick game with a touch of the ball. Following a hesitation from the CCF defence, Cher adjusted Crépel with a powerful shot (0-1, 31′). Upon returning from the locker room, things were not dragging on. Mayoulou provoked a penalty converted by Abraw (0-2, 48′). The Chartrains finally moved up a gear and forced Fonrose to commit a fault in the area. Bousseaden reduced the gap from the penalty spot (1-2, 61′). The reaction of the Touraine people was immediate. Soumah benefited from two favorable counterattacks before beating Crépel (1-3, 71′) then Cher scored his team’s fourth goal (1-4, 73′). Chartres did not give up and Fleury reduced the mark with a cross shot (2-4, 74′). The score will no longer change.