Residence La Chaux: artistic education to support the holistic development of children

Dance, circus and painting are mediums used as educational tools to support the holistic development of around fifty vulnerable children at Résidence La Chaux. A crowdfunding has been launched to offer a hot meal to these children.

This project with vulnerable children from Résidence La Chaux, in Mahébourg, started in October 2020. It was initiated by Marie Claude Fériès and is coordinated by Marie Giblot Ducray. Supported by the association Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts (TIPA), the project aims to develop vulnerable children through artistic and civic education. Performing arts learning and group dynamics skills are used.

“Every Saturday, we organize workshops, in which children aged 7 to 14 participate. They learn dance, circus, singing, ravanne, theater and painting. These activities help to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. They participate in the development of the rules, among other things, ”confides Marie Giblot Ducray.

Basic concepts essential for integrating into society are also taught. “We live in an increasingly demanding society and there is a loss of values. For example, before there was more mutual aid. We want to recreate the social and intergenerational bond. We also work with parents, ”she adds.

A team of professional speakers, young interns and neighborhood leaders offer these artistic and educational activities. They take place outdoors or in the Village Hall at Résidence La Chaux.

Snacks and a hot meal are also offered to participants.

“The meal shared during these days of activities is an essential component of the success of the project. It allows children to have energy and it transmits emotional and emotional security. Which encourages children to give the best of themselves. The project has only been around for a short time and the feedback is already very positive ”, suggests our interlocutor.

To ensure that children have a hot meal every Saturday, a call for crowdfunding has been launched on the Small Step Matters platform.

“As part of this project, FoodWise provides food that they buy at the best prices. The funds raised will be used to provide meals to children and adults at Résidence La Chaux every Saturday, ”says Marie Giblot Ducray.