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Thousands of people were allowed to return Sunday after a gas leak in Massachusetts that caused scores of house fires, one of which killed and 25 injured.

On Sunday morning, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and security officials gave the residents of Andover, North Andover and Lawrence the all-clear to return to their homes.

Nearly 8,600 affected gas meters had been shut down and about 15,000 power outages had been restored according to the authorities.

"It has been a difficult and exhausting weekend for the residents of Andover, North Andover and Lawrence, and I often say the people of Massachusetts are resilient and this devastating situation is no exception," said Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker at a Sunday morning press conference.

Baker said that at 6:30 ET, all the homes in the affected area of ​​Gas had been cleaned, even though the City of Lawrence told residents not to return to their homes until 7am CET.

Public safety officials said the next steps in the recovery process would include assessing the damage to the low-pressure gas system and the technicians who would inspect all gas equipment.

"I would like to praise the teams of police officers, firefighters and service workers who have worked diligently to achieve this morning's goal of reopening all the homes in the city to residents," said Andover Town Manager Andrew P. Flanagan on Sunday in a statement.

Three separate explosions at 4:15 pm ET on Thursday caused 80 homes to be burned or damaged, according to officials.

"The explosions that occurred on Thursday night have caused heart failure for many families and the loss of a young life," Baker said Sunday.

Leonel Robson, 18, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was killed when a chimney from a home explosion in Lawrence fell on the car he was in, officials said.


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