Residents Call Pekanbaru City DPRD Member Ida Yulita Susanti Who Lashed Residents in Arifin Achmad

PEKANBARU – The attack on the Pekanbaru DPRD member, Ida Yulita Susanti, was denied by the Chair of RT 02, East Sidomulyo Village. According to RT 02, Gusri, it was a member of the Pekanbaru City DPRD, Ida Yulita Susanti, who came and assaulted a resident on Jalan Irkap, East Sidomulyo Village.

This was conveyed by the head of RT 02, East Sidomulyo Village, Gusri, when confirmed by GoRiau, Thursday (2/9/2021) early in the morning.

“So initially the local youth managed the traffic jam on the Irkab road, because the car of Ida’s daughter crossed paths with another car driven by women,” said Gusri.

Then the youths directed the car driven by Ida’s son to back off a little.

“This was done so that the cars driven by mothers who passed each other could pass first, considering that the mother who was driving the other car had a bit of difficulty turning back, but Ida’s daughter did not want to budge, in the end, the mother relented and was guided by the youth,” continued Gusri. .

After that, the women’s car backed away, Ida’s mother’s child even accelerated and grazed a woman and a young man who was driving two wheels and fell.

“After that, Ibu Ida’s child kept driving, so the youth chased after him, and an argument broke out. Then one of the residents intervened, and Ida’s mother’s child left the location,” said Gusri.

Then a resident named Muhammad Haris who reconciled Ida’s mother’s son and the youths said, after all the problems were resolved, Ida even came with her family back to the scene.

“Around 18.45 WIB, a group came, some used motorbikes, some used cars, about three cars were looking for the perpetrators who were rubbing against each other, there was a gentleman who took the wheel lock, in his car and attacked the residents, and hit the door. The reason (Ida) attacked residents, he said his son was beaten or beaten, when in fact there was no one, I was at the scene, I reconciled them, “said Haris.

Haris also touched on the issue of stabbing and attacks by local residents against Ida’s family. Haris confirmed that this was not true.

“Residents slashed, no, that’s a lie, physical contact didn’t exist, because when it happened I told him to get into his car, because people were already crowded, and in my eyes there was no physical contact, because of the traffic jam, I want to save the victim,” said Haris. ***



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