residents of five cities called to vote – Telemundo Miami (51)

Voters in South Florida went to the polls Tuesday to elect important seats, local authorities and vote for amendments in several cities.

In Hialeah, Homestead, Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles the polls closed at 7:00 pm after a day with little participation.

In Miami, Mayor Francis Suárez is seeking reelection. Suarez said he was proud to have raised the image of the city and worked to attract high-tech companies to Miami, but some of his political opponents criticize him because they believe he has abandoned some of the needs of its residents.

“We have not changed our services to the ordinary people of the city. We also collect garbage twice a week, we have the ‘bulk trash pick up’ once a week, we are repairing streets and sidewalks, but at the same time it is about ensuring the future of our young people ”, said Mayor Francis Suárez .

Voters in Miami will also elect commissioners. Three candidates attempt to challenge Commissioner Joe Carollo by knocking on the doors of the residents of District 3.

Additionally, on the ballot there was an amendment for the Virginia Key Marina lease and construction.

In Hialeah, where a new mayor and council members will be elected, the mood turned tense, with some mayoral candidates yelling and calling each other names over the weekend.

Esteban Bovo, candidate for mayor of Hialeah was one of those involved and told his version of events. “They insulted me directly and I am a human being. And between the insults and my reaction, between the insults saying that I was a loser like my father, I was not going to accept it. They attacked my niece that she had to defend herself ”.

Mayor Francis Suárez awaits his re-election, in elections with little participation

Fernando Godo, another of the Hialeah mayoral candidates and whose followers clashed loudly with Bovo and a group that accompanied him, also spoke to Telemundo 51 about what happened.

“It is sad that candidate Esteban Bovo uses his father’s memory to cover up his lies because the reality is that he was constantly losing the (early) vote and the state of frustration arrived on Saturday where they could not take it anymore. That’s what happened, ”he said.

Bovo is running for mayor to replace outgoing Carlos Hernández. The other candid who accompany him on the ballot are Isis García-Martínez, Fernando Godo, Julio Martínez and Juan Santana.

Meanwhile, in Miami Beach, voters will elect the mayor and decide on the sale of alcohol. Dan Gerber seeks reelection. His opponents are Jean Echemendia, Robbie Eith, Carlos Gutierrez and Gus Manessis.

In addition, voters will be required to respond if they permanently change the closing time of bars and restaurants to 2 a.m., instead of 5 a.m. as it currently is.

Homestead will also elect the mayor and other local ballots and referenda, as will the city of Sunny Isles.