Resignation of the Government: some Ministers did not know!


CONAKRY- Did President Alpha Condé push Mamady Youla and his team to the exit? The resignation today Thursday, May 17, 2018 of the Guinean Government would be an express request of the Head of State.
Surprising as it may seem, some Ministers were not informed of the news. The departure of the Government was known to all, but the presentation of the resignation letter on Thursday was not known to everyone. Some members of the Government learned it in the hall during the traditional Council of Ministers.
“We did not know anything. This subject had never been mentioned during the last interministerial council. It was in the hall, during the Council of Ministers, that we heard the news. The Prime Minister has announced his resignation as well as that of the entire Government, “said a former Minister of Government Mamady Youla.
A source based in Sékoutoureya also indicates that it is at the express request of President Alpha Condé that Prime Minister Mamady Youla has submitted the resignation of the Government.
While some Ministers hope to return to the next Government, others see their departure as a deliverance.
” It was very difficult. I wish good luck, especially a lot of courage to the next members of the Government. But I admit it was more than difficult for most of us. In Guinea, some people think that when you are a minister you have everything, while only God knows that some of us were struggling to make ends meet. For many of us this is a kind of deliverance, “said another former Minister.

Ahmed Tounkara


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