Responding to UGM Student Criticism to Jokowi, Rizal Ramli: Smart Parody is Fun to Have

Rizal Ramli (YouTube).

Rizal Ramli responds to memes criticizing Jokowi. – Memes uploaded by BEM UI and UGM that intend to criticize President Jokowi’s attitude continue to attract attention. The former Minister in the Jokowi era appreciated the way the students were criticized.

As is known recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the BEM UI meme that calls Jokowi the King of Lip Service. Because of the upload on the Twitter account, the campus called the BEM UI administrators.

Immediately with the many BEM UI memes, similar uploads that were once made by UGM students also returned to attention.

Not long ago, the @UGMBergerak account re-uploaded a meme made by BEM UI and UGM regarding criticism of President Jokowi.

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“Congratulations to the President of the Republic of Indonesia @jokowi for his achievements and achievements so that he can win the two best titles given to us, students. Indonesia Forward!” he wrote.

The upload also received a response from Rizal Ramli. The former minister in the first period of Jokowi’s leadership appreciated the creativity made by students in criticizing Jokowi.

“The smart parody of UGM students is fun to have,” he tweeted, Monday (28/6/2021).

Rizal Ramli’s tweet also received various comments.

“hehehehe, the students just move a little, there’s immediately panic and frenzy,” said king****

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“The title of outstanding achievement, we should be proud of. Maybe no other president can match it. Spectacular,” wrote the child ****

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“Smart and the engine starts to warm up. How about ITB?” write code****