Responds to the romance rumours: – Everyone thinks we are sleeping together

– We have received many questions, and people do not believe us when we say that we are not lovers. Everyone thinks we are lying.

That’s what Siv Meyer says to Good Evening Norway. On Sunday, she and the artist Kevin Lauren came home from a weekend trip to Gdansk.

Before the trip, there was already speculation about whether the two are more than good friends, but the trip to Poland really set the rumors on fire.

Took sneak pictures

– Most people think that we are lovers, especially now when we were on holiday together.

The TV personality says that they met several Norwegians on holiday. The pair of friends experienced several times that sneaky pictures were taken, which were later published online.

AT THE SPA: Meyer and Lauren spent time at the spa during their stay in Poland. Photo: Private

– Everyone was completely shocked when they saw Kevin in Gdansk. There were several people who took sneaky pictures of us and posted them, where they wrote things like “look now, now they’re on a date”, she explains.

– Hangs all the time

Meyer explains that the two spend a lot of time together and that they have been friends for many years.

– We hang out all the time, several times a week. When he is at home in Sandnes, he is usually only with me. It has led to a lot of rumors and speculation, she says and adds:

– I often sleep with him at weekends, and now when we’ve been on holiday, people probably think that it’s not possible that we’re just friends.

No romance

The former “Ex on the beach” participant says that she does not think there can be romance between her and Lauren.

– No, there is currently no chance of us becoming anything more than friends. Neither of us have fallen in love yet, so I don’t think that will happen.

She states that they are both currently single.

– Right now I don’t have anyone in my sights, neither does Kevin. That’s what’s so fun about both being single, then we can go on holiday together and enjoy ourselves.