Restaurants without staff. Region: «Via the subsidies». PRC: “Political campaign”

We cannot afford to have free jobs on the one hand and job seekers on the other without letting them meet. The Region is here to ensure that this meeting and dialogue is quick and that the necessary training is provided to quickly integrate people into the catering job market, which is one of the most important sectors in terms of numbers in Veneto ». Thus the Regional Labor Councilor Elena Donazzan, at the table for the emergency of personnel in the catering sector convened by the Region with the representatives of the trade associations (Assoturismo Veneto, Confturismo, Federturismo, Federcamping Nordest, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, Federdistribuzione) and trade unions (Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl, Uiltucs Uil and Ugl).

Everyone points out that the situation is critical not only for the catering sector, but for all those connected to the world of tourism. The reported causes are numerous: from those who found something else during the pandemic, to the decrease in foreigners, to the lack of interest in certain professions or to the well-known issues related to citizenship income. In general, the sector appears to be unattractive, unable to guarantee adequate economic conditions, quality and working times that are compatible with life. In this context, the Region has promoted a table to collect concrete proposals and facilitate the meeting between demand and a training offer.

«It is necessary – continues Donazzan – that companies say exactly what they need and accept the worker who is proposed to them by the employment centers. We will train him and ask for the strong collaboration of the union in order to facilitate and promote access to work. The Region’s line is clear: no subsidies or long social safety nets, much less citizenship income. This is a healthy and strong sector: Veneto is the first tourist region in Italy – concluded the commissioner – whoever, unemployed, wants to work will find open arms from employers and a streamlined and quality training offer. from the Region “.

“There is a persistent campaign of political forces and trade associations that targets citizenship income – comment from a distance Salvatore Esposito (Jesolo Communist Refoundation Party, Eastern Veneto), Fernando Lazzaretto (Eastern Veneto Italian Left), and Gianfranco Ambrosin (Article One Leu Jesolo) -. It is insisted on the fact that there is a shortage of female workers because many do not make themselves available as they receive citizenship income. It should be clarified that the measure does not have an individual character, but is aimed at families and the average contribution is 500 euros per month. That this is enough to make a nucleus live in dignity is an unbearable bestiality ».

“The reasons for the low availability to work in these sectors stems from different factors – the compact left parties argue – and which have to do with the working conditions and wages that are offered in the tourism and catering sector. If you want to think seriously it would be worth reading the results of the commission that deals with these issues in the Senate, and has fired a 400-page document denouncing the exploitation of work and precariousness, imposed on ever wider layers of the world of Work. Of course, we know that it is much more convenient to curse and fuel war among the poor. Coming to terms with reality, on the other hand, would force those who speak out against citizenship income to accept the need to reverse the increasingly widespread practice of imposing low wages and unsustainable working hours on female workers ”.