Restricted to send a message, “Emotional and friendship are deprived” Doudou: I can’t make it anymore

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(Photo/Retrieved from Doudou, He Mengyuan IG)

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He Mengyuan, a member of the “All-Star Games” red team, was revealed by the weekly magazine last month that he cheated on his girlfriend Doudou’s girlfriend Caizi. The intimate conversation between the two was also leaked. Caizi boldly showed his love to He Mengyuan, which made many people look at the teeth. itch. Being betrayed by feelings and friendships, Doudou posted a message on IG for a limited time on the 3rd, “Sorry, I can’t make it anymore.”

Doudou, who lost her boyfriend and best friend overnight due to changes in love, seemed to be unbearable for days of pressure. He wrote in a limited time dynamic on IG, “Deprive my feelings and deprive my friendship again. I don’t know what I did wrong.” Later, he even said, “I’m sorry, I can’t make it anymore…” Many fans are very worried about her situation.

(Photo/Retrieved from Doudou, He Mengyuan IG)
(Photo/Retrieved from Doudou, He Mengyuan IG)

He Mengyuan, who has been criticized by all parties since the cheating incident, is also suspected of becoming a target of dissatisfaction. On the evening of the 1st, he posted a post on Facebook to reply to Yuan Yuan and Chen Jingxuan, “I know you and Doudou are not so good in private. We used to get along. Every time I have a party, I always tell my friends right and wrong.” The article also suspects that Doudou was instigated by the two to cause a series of subsequent things to happen. It is even more ironic for the two. “Congratulations, you have successfully gained popularity and helped your friends out reputation.”

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In this regard, Doudou also posted on the 2nd to speak for her sisters, “Before I mentioned them in daily conversations with my ex. I used improper words. I thought he would not think too much, but it caused I’m very sad about the current situation.” I also said that I am a very good friend with the two. After the change of love, I can only relieve my feelings a little because of the comfort and enlightenment of the two. I hope the outside world will not misunderstand Yuan Yuan and Chen Jingxuan.

Finally, I also shouted to He Mengyuan, “If it is because my previous statement made you feel uncomfortable, or the words my sister said for me make you painful, I am sorry, and I hope you can live a good life in the future and return to life. track.”



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