RESULTS EUROMILLIONS – The French Games (FDJ) was offering a draw to close the week. 74 million euros were at stake. Have you found the results of the Euromillions? Discover it without further delay …
[Updated January 19, 2018 at 21:35] The result of the Euromillions has just been unveiled! Did you win? The code of the My Million draw this Friday, January 19, 2018 was issued earlier in the evening. Here are all the results:
3-8-17-44-50 and numbers 2 and 7 The My Million KK 128 0078 (Ile-de-France)
The luck is not at the rendezvous for the followers of the Euromillions lately. The last winning draw goes back more than three weeks. On December 29th, a lucky kid, who had bet on the numbers 4-8-22-23-48 and the star numbers 1 and 12, had the chance to fall on the result of the Euromillions . A boon, since he had won more than 38 million euros. This Friday, January 19, a little less than double was proposed. It is now possible to play for the next draw, scheduled for Tuesday. Will you have more luck? Nothing is less sure…
Lotto, Euro Millions: the luckiest departments
There are in fact almost 139 million possible combinations at the Euromillions. All are likely to come out during the draws that take place every Tuesday and Friday in nine European countries. Among them is France of course, but also Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria. These are so many countries where the expressions to wish “good luck” vary. In France, too, the expressions are often vulgar, but numerous.
Among the less vulgar, more familiar say, there is “to have vein”. As Wiktionary informs us, the term comes from the search for gold, diamonds and other precious metals. And for good reason, they spent their time digging in search of “vein”. In nature, precious metals are usually localized and concentrated in areas called “veins”. Still according to Wiktionary, similar expressions exist in other languages. In German, however, we will not have “vein”, but “pork”!
VIDEO. Euromillions – draw

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