Result PMU: the Quinté + of this Tuesday, December 26 2017


PMU RESULT – The results of the Tiercé Quarté + Quinté + this Tuesday, December 26 have fallen. The flat race was held in Deauville and the 1,500 meter course was completed in just over 1 minute and 26 seconds by the winner.
If no bettor has won the piggy bank, at least one pocketed more than 27,000 euros. Here is the order of arrival:
8 – 7 – 3 – 6 – 9
Number Plus (Quinté +): 0883
Number Plus (E.Quinted +): 016
It was in 1989 that bettors discovered the Quinté +. Offered on a specific race, it is now the reference bet of the PMU range and one of the first money games in France. As a reminder, the Quinté +, heir to the Tiercé, became a daily appointment turf on July 5, 2004. It consists of finding the first five horses of the race in the order of arrival or in disorder.
But the player can also win if he manages to find the first four horses regardless of the order of arrival (the bonus 4) or if he finds four of the first five horses, again in any order (bonus 4 out of 5). The bonus 3 is won if the punter finds the first three horses, regardless of the order of arrival.
The basic bet is 2 euros. But the player can bet up to 20 times the minimum bet on a Quinté +, or 40 euros. The win will be based on bet and odds. For those who do not know, the Quinté + is associated with a number Plus, between 1 and 3,000, awarded automatically, also for an online bet. It allows the player to touch the daily piggy bank with a minimum amount of one million euros if he manages to find the right combination. In the other cases, it makes it possible to multiply its gains by 10.
The winning record amounts to more than ten million euros and was won by a Breton punter in October 2011. The previous record was held since November 3, 2008 by an online bettor who had won nearly 7.5 millions of euros.


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