Results of the second date of the Envida League 2021 Cup Tournament – Diario del Sur

Good results occurred on the last date 2 of the 2021 Cup Tournament, in the junior veterans category of the Envida soccer league, chaired by Eduardo Pérez Ruiz, in their venues 1, 2 and 3, with a good harvest of goals.

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In field one early, Section XIV with its new reinforcements in all its lines, and practicing open football, defeated the Barcelona squad 4-0, adding its first triumph of the season.

While on field 4, the champion Associate Physicians, is imposed 8-1 to Dinos; Deportivo Corona it is brewed at Athletic Sayula 6-1; and Rectifications Peña wins 5-2 to Bicentennial.

While in field five, the “rays” of the Necaxa tie 1-1 with Bonanza; Deportivo Cafeteros wins 3-0 to Manzano; The Victoria welcomes you 4-1 to Llantera The Blessing; and Galácticos surpasses 4-3 to February 5th.

In the gold category, Atlas and Eighties tie 2-2; Chipilines earns 3-0 to Envida; send 1 wins 1-0 a Retirees IMSS; Caliber 50 shoots Deportivo Ovis 4-0; and in a pending match, Caliber slams Envida 2 6-2.


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