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Results of UFC 236: Israel Adesanya defeats Kelvin Gastelum in epic war, wins intermediate title

The UFC 236 co-main event has just been named a middleweight interim champion, with fifth-place post-promotion Middleweight Israel Adesanya and # 4-ranked Kelvin Gastelum the absolute winner in a Fight of the Year contest War. After all was said and done, it was Adesanya who left the unanimous decision and a shining new belt. Adesanya could just meet with Robert Whittaker to unify the titles.

A bit calculating, the fight started, with each man measuring the other. Gastelum exploded with a right hook that shook his opponent, but Adesanya recovered very quickly. Gastelum threw his hands with terrible intentions, leaving Adesanya mostly defensive for the rest of the round.

Adesanya kicked the body in the second round. Gastelum started to press his hands again, pressure Adesanya, but was then dropped in one fell swoop. Gastelum got up again and seemed to have recovered, but Adesanya seemed much more self-confident. Adesanya began to land with his blows, and then a crazy elbow shook the hostel. This was a much better round for Adesanya.

Gastelum struggled back into the fight early in the third round and threw more volume than in the second act. However, Adesanya flicked on and just hit the forward pressure of his opponent. Just under 90 seconds before the end of the game Gastelum scored a takedown, but Adesanya quickly got up again.

Gastelum came out aggressively for the fourth frame and put Adesanya to the fence. Adesanya has done a great job not falling into the trap and returning to free space. Gastelum held up the pressure and squatted in the clinch. Just as Gastelum seemed to be gaining ground, Adesanya began to descend. Then a high kick from Gastelum Adesanya staggered, and he struck with blows. Adesanya survived the round.

The war lasted until the fifth and final round. A hard right hand hit Gastelum, and Adesanya imprisoned a stern guillotine, but Gastelum escaped to the top position. Then Adesanya threw a Triangle, and Gastelum escaped again. Back on the feet another hard right buzzed Gastelum and then another. Then one of them dropped Gastelum, but recovered. Adesanya dropped his opponent with another right hand and started killing the kill, dropping his elbows. Gastelum got up again and ate a few more punches as the fight came to an end. Impressive!

Israel Adesanya def. Kelvin Gastelum by unanimous decision (48-46 x3): Middle title at middleweight


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