Results of WWE Extreme Rules 2020

WWE presented “ Extreme Rules The Horror Show, ” July 19, 2020, from the Performance Center in Orlando.

– The Pre-Show opens with Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg who welcome us. They present the PPV card.

– Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton is with New Day for an interview. Kofi Kingston says they know the tables well. You have to become one with the table to get to know them well. Big E says he eats on the tables. We must be in the wood and the wood will be in us. Kofi says you have to get into the head of the tables, they have a special mentor with them to help them. Big E presents D-Von of the Dudley Boyz who are coming. Kofi says he is responsible for 1000 tables destroyed. They sent everyone to tables. D-Von says it even counts New Day. Big E asked him the secret of his success in the Match Tables. D-Von says it’s simple, you have to send your opponent to a table. Big E says New Day will send their opponent to a table because New Day rocks.

– Behind the scenes, MVP and Bobby Lashley are with Charly. MVP stops Charly and says that she probably wants to know how much he spent on the title. He will not say it would be unfair. Charly says she wanted their comment on a fight against the real champion. Lashley says that a champion comes to work, unfortunately he is still absent. MVP says that Crews is officially the champion, but what is important is that even if Crews is 100% he will face the best United States champion in history. He spent on the new belt because he knows he will remain the champion. He only wanted to help Crews and be his mentor. An intelligent man learns from the mistakes of others and we will see the lesson. Tonight they’re going to celebrate while Crews realizes his lack of judgment.

– Singles Match

Kevin Owens vs Murphy

At the end of the fight, Owens makes a Superkick to Murphy to push him away and makes him a Stunner for the count of three.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– The Pre-Show ends with the last comments from the panel.

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Orlando, Performance Center

Commentators are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe for RAW, and Michael Cole with Corey Graves for SmackDown.

– Extreme Rules opens with the promo video of the evening. The commentators then welcome us.

– SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Tables Match

New Day (Big E et Kofi Kingston) (C) vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

At the end of the fight, Big E wants to make his Big Ending, but Cesaro pushes him back and makes him his Swing with Nakamura which completes with a Drop Kick. Cesaro mounts Kofi on the corner and makes him a Powerbomb through two tables at the bottom of the ring to win the fight.

Winners: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura – New champions

– Behind the scenes, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Asuka and Kairi Sane are together. Bliss and Sane motivate Nikki Cross to win by repeating motivational phrases. Cross says she is now ready. Asuka says she believes in her. Sane says they will stay friends even if she loses.

– SmackDown Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Nikki Cross accompanied by Alexa Bliss vs Bayley (c) accompanied by Sasha Banks

At the end of the fight, Cross is distracted by Banks in ringside, Bliss also climbs on the apron. The referee takes care of the two women, Bayley takes the opportunity to strike Cross in the stomach with a brass knuckles which Banks gave him. Bayley goes on with a Face Plant for the account of three.

Winner: Bayley

– We present a video of the Firefly Fun House. We see Bray Wyatt in the role of vampire while he makes magic potions. Wyatt welcomes us to the horror show. He wants to show us never-before-seen images, but his puppet is mistaken about broadcasting SmackDown karaoke. Wyatt says he will come home with Braun Strowman, the house he can never run away from.

– MVP and Lashley arrive in the ring. MVP says he and Lashley have their problem. MVP says Lashley can’t apply his Full Nelson to the point of hurting a man to help his career. MVP laughs. MVP says that by forfeit our new champion of the United States is …. MVP will seek the belt of the United States in ringisde and crowns the new champion USA by forfeit as Apollo Crews is absent.

– We present the SummerSlam promo video which will take place on August 23.

– We present a video on the rivalry between Rollins and Mysterio.

– Eye for an Eye Match

Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

At the end of the fight, Rollins makes a Stomp to Rey at the bottom of the ring and crushes Rey’s eye against the steel step, the eye comes out of its orbit. The referee stops the fight.

Gagnant : Seth Rollins

– After the fight, Dominik and the doctor arrive to take Mysterio behind the scenes. Rollins begins to stack like he is disgusted.

– Behind the scenes, Kayla asks Bayley for her comments on the evening. Bayley says she was a big fan of Rey Mysterio, his favorite. Bayley speaks to Rey and she says he doesn’t see duplicate as she is still Bayley Two Belts. Bayley presents Sasha Banks who will soon be a double champion. Bayley doesn’t let Kayla ask questions and says they’re going to celebrate tonight. Sasha says she will soon be Saha Two Belts.

– We present a video on the rivalry between Wyatt and Strowman.

– RAW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Asuka (c) accompanied by Kairi Sane vs Sasha Banks accompanied by Bayley

At the end of the fight, Asuka wants to make a German Suplex of the third rope, but Sasha falls on her feet. Sasha climbs on the corner, but she falls with her knee does not want to hold. The two exchange blows, Bayley climbs on the apron, but Sane pulls her to the ground and Bayley gives her a Belly to Belly! Asuka and Sasha chain fast accounts, Asuka applies an Asuka Lock to her. Bayley throws a belt in the ring to distract the referee, Sasha types. Bayley steps into the ring, but Asuka kicks him. Sasha wants to cheat with the belt, but the referee takes it away. Asuka wants to do her Green Mist, but Sasha bends over and the referee is sprayed! Bayley hits Asuka with the title and removes the referee’s t-shirt to put it on. Sasha covers Asuka and Bayley counts three.

Winner: Sasha Banks – New champion

– After the fight, Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrate on the stage when it is not known if Sasha is really the champion.

– Behind the scenes, Charly is in front of the doctor’s office and announces that Rey Mysterio will not be blind as the optic nerve has not been cut.

– We present a video on the rivalry between McIntyre and Ziggler.

– The wrestlers arrive in the ring. Ziggler takes the microphone and says that McIntyre made a big mistake. He is smarter than him, McIntyre signed the contract choosing a stipulation, this fight will be an Extreme Rules Match for only Dolph Ziggler. And that’s not all, if McIntyre decides to leave he will win by Count Out and become champion. If McIntyre gets frustrated and takes an object he will be the WWE champion. If he makes a bid McIntyre will not be able to break the bid by grabbing a cable.

– WWE Championship – Extreme Rules Match seulement pour Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre (c)

At the end of the fight, Ziggler chains a Fameasser, a Zig Zag and a Rock Bottom on a chair to McIntyre to cover it, but he resists two. Ziggler prepares for a Superkick, but McIntyre blocks it with his Claymore Kick for the count of three.

Gagnant : Drew McIntyre

– Wyatt Swamp Fight – Non Title

Bray Wyatt waits in his rocking chair in the swamp. Braun Strowman gets in and out of his truck, saying he is home, but Wyatt disappears from his chair. Strowman is walking in the forest and he is knocked out by a shovel, the man who rang him is Strowman at the time with his black sheep mask.

Strowman wakes up tied up in the granche. Wyatt welcomes him home so he cannot hurt him as he is already dead. Wyatt explains that Strowman should be here with him. Together they could dominate the world. He must return to the starting point in order to transform Strowman as he was. Wyatt brings him a snake and Strowman is bitten.

Strowman finds himself outside in front of a fire and fights against men. A woman tells him to come home and it is Alexa Bliss. Bliss tells him to come back so they can be together forever. Wyatt steps out of the shadows and puts his fingers in Strowman’s eyes, but Strowman chokeslam him on a rowboat. The boat goes further into the water, but the boat returns and it is empty. Wyatt hits him on the back and pushes him into the water.

Strowman comes out of the water and Wyatt strikes him with the paddle. Strowman finally pushes him away with a Big Boot in the water, but Wyatt grabs him by the neck and throws him into the water with him. The water turns red and The Fiend comes out as the winner. The show ends like this.


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