Resurrection operation for Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic, who remained on three straight defeats, made his entry against weak Lajovic (6-0, 6-1). After his inner turmoil, his elbow injury and his separation from Agassi, the former world No. 1 is in search of serenity. A non-initiate would have seen only fire. In a classic version of Djokovic 2011-2016, the kind relentless to correct the opponent in 56 minutes, the Serb easily qualified yesterday for the second round against Lajovic (6-0, 6-1). He played right, angled, stress-free on the four break points, all saved beautifully. Some slag, but really little face a fellow qualified often too kind in its distribution of direct faults, no external sign of tension: we could see the immediate translation of the effect Marian Vajda, the historic coach just recalled to the bedside of a man who, the initiates know, has just celebrated his first victory since the Australian Open. We will obviously already have a little more in the next round, facing an opponent of another caliber, Borna Coric. For almost two years, almost an eternity, it is very hard to penetrate the troubled world of the Serbian champion. It is an etiolation with hints too intimate to be commented openly on the circuit. Disappointed by personal troubles that made him vulnerable, Novak Djokovic sought the keys to a global achievement to achieve optimal balance. He wanted to be better in everything, until he became less good in his specialty ….

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