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Retailers will transfer unrealized products to social institutions

MOSCOW, June 18 – RIA News. Retailers are ready to transfer food products with an expiring date to charity and social institutions, Yevgeny Bobrov, a member of the Commission on Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation (SES) on environmental rights, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the HRO recommended that the government ensure the transfer of expired products to charity in order to prevent the generation of food waste.

"(Negotiations with retailers – Ed.) Were, they are ready to transfer (unrealized products – Ed.)," Said Bobrov.

According to him, such products can be transferred not only to charity, but also to hospitals, clinics, hospices. “Here you can sell, in principle, it is not necessary to distribute it for free,” the HRC member specified.

“Here we need to clarify some sanitary and hygienic rules, because now such products are at risk, as it were, and there it’s necessary to clarify the wording so that retailers have any problems. Somewhere they do it and don’t find fault with them they do it and find fault with them. In general, there is no system, "he said.

As Bobrov added, if the wording is clarified, the Rospotrebnadzor will not find fault, and this activity can be implemented. “In one or two days they will be given and it fits, say, in three days remaining until the expiration date, then everything is fine. You can also transfer on the last day, if use is guaranteed on that day,” he said.

"If products with an expiration date of storage are not thrown out every other day, after two, after three maximum, and today are directed to the needs of social institutions, then the expenses for the maintenance of the same old people, disabled people, children and others, even homeless children, will be slightly reduced there will be less waste that will then need to either be buried, recycled, or burned, ”the HRC member concluded.

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