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Due to a short-term staff shortage, Stadtbus Winterthur had to reduce its offer from December 6th. This is because there were not enough drivers available. The situation has now improved slightly in the last week, the company writes in a press release.

Some employees who were absent for a long time have returned from illness. In addition, the number of corona cases and quarantines has remained more or less constant in recent weeks.

Former employees are returning: Stadtbus spokesman Michael Poysden explains how it works at RADIO TOP:


Starting in January, new driver service employees will be trained every month. Stadtbus can also count on the support of former employees and early retired chauffeurs. This means that the entire range can be used again from January 1, 2022. How the Omikron variant will work cannot be estimated. Stadtbus is already preparing for various scenarios.

Stadtbus Winterthur is not alone with staff shortages during the pandemic. Even with the city police, people kept falling out, but the Stapo had come through lightly so far, they tell TELE TOP.


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