Retirement: delays in processing your file? tell us

A situation that is beginning to alarm. In a press release published on July 15, the CFDT PSTE (social protection work employment) warned against the processing times which are lengthening for the payment of pensions. The union notes that the situation of the pension funds (Carsat and Cnav) is deteriorating from month to month. He notes several points: increase in the number of files received, insufficient staff, IT tools that do not meet the need or even more and more complex situations “which do not allow the automated processing of pension files”, lists the CFDT.

The union estimates an additional 3% increase in applications received each year, mainly due to the retirement of the “grandpa-boom” generation. He even considers that the situation continues to deteriorate. The payment of the pension is not the only benefit concerned. The CFDT ensures that some people do not receive the solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa) or the survivor’s pension, part of the deceased spouse’s pension paid to the surviving spouse, in due time.

A problem that some credit unions recognize themselves. Thus, the Carsat des Pays de la Loire informs, on its website, that it is encountering delays in the payment of pensions. The fund explains that many factors “generate significant peaks and variations in [leur] activity”. It gives several reasons for this situation: mass retirement of policyholders at the beginning of 2022 or even complex files to deal with, for example, “policyholders far from employment at the time of retirement, with a large number of incomplete or insufficiently informed careers at the time of retirement”.

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These various observations lead one to wonder to what extent this problem is frequent today. If you encounter delays in the processing of your file, whether it concerns your pension, the payment of Aspa or even the survivor’s pension, do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

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