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For newcomers, we donate a well-stocked tool case at the start of the retraining.

A job with a future – the field of work

In industry, technical equipment and systems must function perfectly at all times. As an industrial mechanic, you ensure that the large machines and production facilities are always ready for operation. A varied job with the best future prospects!

Your job profile: industrial mechanic…

  • manufacture components and assemblies and assemble them into technical systems
  • carry out maintenance and inspections
  • set up production facilities or convert them
  • retrofit machines and systems and maintain them
  • select test methods and test equipment
  • hand over technical systems and products to the customer
  • check and expand electrotechnical components of the control technology

future prospects

There will be a high demand for skilled workers in the coming years. With an IHK qualification you increase your chances on the first job market. You will receive tailor-made training in this modern profession in order to be able to integrate directly into the first job market after completing your training.

Learning fields are among others

  • Manufacture of assemblies
  • Manufacture of individual parts with machine tools
  • Planning and preparing work tasks in a team
  • Maintenance and repair of machines, devices and production plants
  • Use protective and safety devices and check their function
  • Create maintenance and inspection plans

New training content – Integrated job profile position 5 (iBBP5)

We have further developed the content from the new job profile position 5 (iBBP5) and made it consistent integrated into our retraining curriculum. These are the following modules:

  • Data protection and IT security
  • Digital production control
  • Digital technical documentation
  • Digital knowledge management
  • Teamwork 4.0

Duration of retraining to become an industrial mechanic

28 months (including 9 months of practical training in a suitable company)


IHK qualification (skilled worker certificate)

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