Retrocar Wey Dream will become serial – Autoreview

This is another novelty that the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the People’s Republic of China today declassified ahead of schedule. Great Wall has certified the retro car Wey Dream (aka Wey Yuanmeng), which will still become serial! Although last summer, showing this unusual car in the status of a show car, the developers were reluctant to talk about the prospects for production.

Now it’s clear that Wey Dream will get on the conveyor with only minimal changes. The production car differs from the concept with different wheels and larger exterior mirrors. The thickness of the bars of the radiator grille has been increased, fine decor has been corrected. But in general, the retro image is preserved.

In fact, Wey Dream is a variation of the Ora Punk Cat model, which was also recently given the green light. They share the same five-door bodywork and 2915mm wheelbase, but the Wey has a strikingly different design front and rear: instead of the old Beetle, it mimics the more expensive models of the forties. This is a large car, comparable in size to the Range Rover Velar or Jaguar F-Pace crossovers: length – 4830 mm, width – 1995 mm, height – 1725 mm.

If Ora Punk Cat is an electric car, then Wey Dream is a rechargeable hybrid. It features the same LEMON DHT system familiar from other Wey and Haval models, which can operate in both parallel and serial mode. A 1.5 petrol turbo engine (156 hp) is installed under the hood, electric motors rotate the wheels: versions with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are announced. More details, as well as photos of the interior, will appear very soon: the official debut of the Wey Dream retro car is expected before the end of the second quarter.