Return of discussions around the Super League, UEFA takes out its fangs

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has accused club owners trying to resurrect a European Super League of “living in a parallel world” and has taken aim at Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli.

Super League plans involving a dozen top clubs from England, Spain and Italy were scrapped amid a furious backlash from fans, national associations and UEFA last year .

However, according to multiple sources, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus are plotting to revive the idea imminently. Along these lines, Ceferin accused the aforementioned clubs of trying to revive the project using the distraction of the brutal conflict in Ukraine.

“I must say that those who talk about the Super League are not talking about football. I’m fed up with this non-football project.”he said, adding:

“First, they pitched their absurd idea in the middle of a pandemic. Now we read articles that they plan to launch another idea now in the middle of a war. Should I talk more about these people? They obviously live in a parallel world..

And in a final warning to the three clubs looking to revive the Super League, the UEFA chief said: “They can play their own competition, no one is forbidding them. But if they play their own competition, they can’t play in our competition.”.

Ceferin also denied that Champions League reforms under the extended “Swiss Model” group stage were not a substitute for a Super League.

Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​along with Italian giants Juventus, still back the idea of ​​a breakaway continental competition despite the original proposal collapsing after a backlash last year.

Juventus president Agnelli is set to feature a second iteration of the Super League soon and all three clubs are currently pursuing legal action against UEFA.