Return of the B-Word: London discusses Brexit again – Abroad

London (AP) – The TV channel GB News is considered a bastion of Brexit supporters. But what the channel’s most recent survey revealed robbed even the moderator of his speech. Martin Daubney couldn’t get it over his lips that 55 percent of the viewers now consider leaving the EU to be a bad idea. The scene was symbolic: After the British government had not mentioned Brexit for years or at least downplayed the negative consequences, the word is actually on everyone’s lips again. “Back to the future,” commented the portal “Politico”.

Trigger: A report in the newspaper “Sunday Times” that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wanted to move closer to the EU based on the Swiss model because of the severe economic crisis. This should eliminate the barriers that have arisen in trade with the EU. The Financial Times then wrote, citing its own research, that such comparisons had been made in government circles.