‘Return to Monkey Island’: Classic game celebrates a comeback

After the end of the game series, a new part of the legendary game series came onto the market. With sometimes bizarre puzzles.

The adventure game “The Secret of Monkey Island” thrilled the masses in the early 1990s. At the center of the plot is a journeyman pirate who has to master a wide variety of challenges. After developer Ron Gilbert left the team in 1993, there were sequels, but they couldn’t match the grandiose numbers of the earlier editions.

But on April 1st, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, Gilbert announced that he would release a sequel. This is now a reality. “Return to Monkey Island” swaps out the old 1990s graphics for new elements. There was still a shitstorm from the community about the trailers, but the end product was pleasing. The dialogues of the pirate adventure are held exclusively in English, but the bizarre puzzles make the time pass quickly. For example, a mop needs to be spiritually charged.

Guybrush, according to the main character, doesn’t have to solve all the puzzles himself as he did in the 90s, but has a helpful clue book with him. The game is not based on its predecessors, so it can also be played easily by newcomers. Return to Monkey Island is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.