return to the illnesses of his wife Line, whom she calls “unacceptable memory”

Not very talkative, Line Papin, the wife of Marc Lavoine, has departed from her own rule. On the occasion of their intimate wedding, the two lovers shared rare secrets about the beginnings of their love story in the columns of Paris Match. The young bride also returned to the disease she calls “unacceptable memory”.

Singer Marc Lavoine and Line Papin made their dream come true. After two years of living together, the two lovers said “yes” to each other in an almost intimate way. Their wedding took place in the town hall of the Vᵉ arrondissement of Paris, on July 25, 2020.


Paris Match featured a photograph taken during this wedding on the front page of its Thursday, August 6, 2020 edition. In addition, the magazine also had the chance to interview the newlyweds in this edition. A perfect opportunity for Marc Lavoine and his lovely wife to come back to the first moments of their beautiful love story.

The singer Marc Lavoine |  Photo: Getty Images

The singer Marc Lavoine | Photo: Getty Images

Their meeting dates back to 2018, during their visit to the studios of France Inter. After this first meeting, the singer wanted to try his luck by inviting the lovely writer to declined dinners. And their very first date took place in the Montmartre district.

“Unacceptable memory”

As part of this sharing, the two personalities also confided in each other on the most difficult moment of their lives. Regarding the performer of the song “Comme je t’aime”, he did not fail to mention all his missing relatives.

Indeed, Marc Lavoine lost his mother in 2011. He was deeply saddened by this loss, which gave him the desire to write his book entitled “When the horses arrive”.

As for the young 24-year-old writer, she spoke of her childhood plagued by illness. This is his anorexia, a disease she calls “unacceptable memory”. The latter therefore described her youth, when she was 15 years old.

At this age, Line Papin was completely skinny to the point of being unrecognizable since the disease consists of refusing to feed. She was leaning on death row, as she had specified.

“This is the first time I have mentioned it. I showed him this photo because I felt he was the best person to understand. And then I wanted to tell him: ‘Attention’ ”,

Told the author of the book “Les os des filles” in the columns of Paris Match.

The novelist Line Papin |  Photo: Getty Images

The novelist Line Papin | Photo: Getty Images

Saddened by the story of the young twenty-something, the singer has trouble falling asleep at night.

“I thought, ‘You can’t make the woman in this picture miserable a second time. You can’t tell her you love her if it’s not true. Look at yourself. well and answer ”,

he said.


Shortly after, the 50-year-old texted him and a series of small exchanges took place during that night. Thus, as the novelist recalls, some very strong things were born between the two personalities.

Since then, Sarah Poniatowski’s ex-husband has decided to sing under her windows at night. In addition, he suggests that she take a walk in Paris.

Line Papin poses during the TV show "The Great Bookstore" on France 5 presented by François Busnel in Paris, France on 07/05/2019.  |  Photo: Getty Images

Line Papin poses during the television show “La Grande Librairie” on France 5 presented by François Busnel in Paris, France on 07/05/2019. | Photo: Getty Images

“She makes me think about things that I’m not used to thinking anymore, out of laziness or because it’s better to put dust under the carpet…”,

Told the bridegroom.


As a reminder, the happy couple did not fail to talk about the relationship of the young woman with her step-sons during this interview. The latter also expressed their reaction at their father’s surprise wedding.

The singer Marc Lavoine |  Photo: Getty Images

The singer Marc Lavoine | Photo: Getty Images

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