Returned players will not be able to participate in the National Series if they ‘spoke ill of Cuba’

The national director of Cuban Baseball, Ernesto Reinoso Piñera, told Radio Rebelde that the players who are in the process of repatriation will be able to join at the beginning of the next National Series, as long as they have not left an official delegation or “spoke ill of Cuba.”

“Those athletes who did not leave an official delegation, who have not spoken ill of Cuba, will be eligible for their provinces. Anyone who does paperwork and is legal before the 60th game, there are no problems,” said the official, who when he says speak ill de Cuba refers to the Government and the political system of the country.

In addition, he affirmed that no one will play the playoffs “if they do not participate in the qualifying stage” and that all those who participate in the local championship “are eligible for the National Team.”

Reinoso added that the institution will be very rigorous with disciplinary issues this year, both with athletes and with other workers, and acknowledged that the previous campaign was marked by “several unpleasant events”, for which he drew up a new regulation for the present edition.

One of the issues that most worries the official is the excessive delay in the games, which he said, in most cases exceed four hours in duration, so the administration acquired wall clocks, although it does not know “if they will be for the start “.

In this sense, the institution will also deliver timers to the commissioner of the sub-series, to the home plate referee and to the second referee, with the purpose of penalizing “those who go over the time they have for each action”.

The decision to prohibit athletes who have shown a critical view of the regime from participating in the Cuban national baseball championship is consistent with the policies that restrict freedom of expression and human rights on the island.

However, this statement by Reinoso contradicts the official journalist Oscar Sánchez Serra, deputy editor of the newspaper Granma, who recently wrote that he does not know of “a statement from any Cuban baseball director who has said something” related to the fact that athletes who play in professional tournaments cannot participate in the Cuba team.

In addition to Baseball, in other disciplines such as Soccer, Volleyball and Chess, most of the athletes who have emigrated fulfilling all the requirements set by the Government are not accepted in national calls.

Sánchez Serra, on the other hand, affirmed in the pages of the Communist Party newspaper that the presence of Cuban players who play in the United States Major Leagues in the Cuban national team “is a wish of those here” and “is also the main reason for the opposition there to such a desire. “

The journalist specialized in Cuban Baseball, Francys Romero, recently revealed that, among other restrictive measures, on September 5, the ban will be made official for all players and coaches of the local tournament to offer statements to the press or journalists not accredited by the Government of the Island.

Dozens of Cuban professional athletes have publicly shown their desire to be part of the country’s teams, as is the case of the soccer player Onel Hernández, the top national soccer star, and who just for residing and playing in a foreign team the Cuban authorities They have closed all the doors.


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