Home News Returnees from the United States go to Portoviejo

Returnees from the United States go to Portoviejo

A group of 31 fishermen serving sentences in US prisons were repatriated to serve their sentences in rehabilitation centers in Ecuador.

The fishermen had been detained in international waters for illicit drug trafficking and had been tried in US territory.

This repatriation, the third that is done with similar cases, took place through the efforts of the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Cults.

The Deputy Minister of Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty of the Ministry of Justice, Paúl Ortega, accompanied by authorities from the Ministries of the Interior, Defense and Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, received the fishermen at the Cotopaxi International Airport.

From there, the fishermen were transferred to the Judicial Council of Cotopaxi for the hearings to be carried out.

Once the proceedings were completed, the persons deprived of liberty were to be sent to the Latacunga Regional Rehabilitation Center to comply with other records.

Subsequently, the inmates will be transferred to the CRS El Rodeo, in Portosviejo.

With this new group, there are 84 fishermen who have been repatriated.

The Ministry of Justice indicated that through the "Pilot Plan for the Repatriation of Ecuadorians in the United States" it is intended that this group complete its sentence near their loved ones, in order to strengthen their family bond, considered as an axis of social rehabilitation established in the Comprehensive Criminal Organic Code (COIP). (I)


This Sunday, November 11, visits will be activated so that fishermen can reconnect with their loved ones.

In the Social Rehabilitation Center, the detainees will be inserted in different activities related to the areas of education, culture, sports, health and work.


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