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Returning the measles Why vaccination makes sense for adults too

Cologne –
They are called trivializing teething problems, but they are serious illnesses. So hard that children and adults need to go to the clinic depending on the course of the infection. Those affected can suffer from complications that are inherent and – though rare – can be fatal. Measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and others are spreading again, primarily measles, and primarily in adolescents and adults. An end to this development is currently not foreseeable. It is wrong to assume that you can protect yourself if you are just careful enough. Not the one sitting in front of you with red pustules and feverish eyes is the visible danger on two legs, but the one with reddened eyes, barking cough and cold. What looks like a fierce cold or a flu, can be the first and thus highly contagious phase of a measles infection. And you usually get them where you least expect them: in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices, as happened in Cologne, in buses and trains, department stores, bistros, on door handles, handrails or taps and on the journey to the much-anticipated holiday.
Professor Michael Weiß, head physician at the children’s clinic Amsterdamer Straße: “Today, children are vaccinated twice in the first two years of life. Adults born in the 1970s have been vaccinated against measles only once. Consequently, the protection is holey. “And especially for those who have not been vaccinated and have so far been spared from a measles infection. Especially many men affected It hits especially the age group from 20 to the middle 40, and under it particularly many men. Highly infectious viruses can permanently damage the immune system, cause complicated respiratory and middle ear infections, and even damage the brain. Although a majority of those affected relatively well with measles and other viral or bacterial infections such as chickenpox and whooping cough, they can be fatal for family members. “For elderly parents or grandmothers, for immunologically weakened patients there is a higher risk of complications,” says Weiß. For the immune system of older people has come along with them in the years, weakens and can not or insufficiently defend against the attack. Prof. Gerhard Wiesmüller, who heads the Department of Infection and Environmental Hygiene at the Cologne health department, reports new cases of measles each day. There are now well over a hundred. But these are only the registered ones. The dark figure is likely to be much higher and rise sharply, he estimates, if in a few weeks the long travel time begins. Italy, England, Romania, Ukraine and Japan are suffering from measles. And who is not protected, have a good chance to get infected. The highly dangerous and highly contagious measles virus is not always recognized right away, which can not be blamed on treating physicians. Many patients come to the practices with signs of tonsillitis or strep throat. Rash is not or not yet visible. Antibiotics are prescribed, and if red patches appear on the skin after a few days, an allergic reaction to antibiotics is more likely. Until then, precious time has passed and many people are affected. A measles sufferer can infect up to 18 people in the early stages. The fact that adolescents and men between the ages of 18 and 40 and older are particularly affected is reflected in everyday clinical practice, according to Professor Mark Oette from the Augustinians’ Hospital using the example of a pair of brothers. One had introduced the measles virus from Turkey, most likely infected several on the way back and infected his brother at home. Both reported that their parents had a critical attitude to vaccination and were therefore not vaccinated. Prof. Gerd Fätkenheuer and his colleague, Privatdozentin Dr. med. Clara Lehmann, both infectiologists at the University of Cologne and co-founder of the “Cologne Network for Infectious Diseases”, which is unique in this form nationwide, say: “The more educated people and the better we are, the greater is often the vaccine defense. Incidentally, most of the vaccination opponents sit at Lake Starnberg. “The feeling that one lives consciously and healthy and is immune to these and similar attacks,” stirs the reservations about progress and achievements of medicine, “said Fätkenheuer, who emphasizes in the same breath:” It There is no medical procedure that is as effective as vaccinating. ” Do not rely on indirect vaccine protection “Enlightenment helps against skepticism. Decades ago, the vaccines were pathogenic protein mixtures with stronger side effects than they are today. But now they are absolutely refined. Also mercury-containing additives have been replaced or reduced. It is not tragic but evidence that the vaccine is affected after vaccination at the injection site, “says Weiß, criticizing some parents’ refusal to vaccinate their children. One relies on an indirect vaccine protection, since the majority of the other children are vaccinated. In the US, which has successfully eradicated measles through strict vaccination and achieved a so-called “herd immunity” that exists from 95 percent of vaccinated individuals, even chickenpox vaccines are approved for men and women over 60 years old to prevent shingles fall ill, a long-term consequence of chickenpox. Approximately one in five adults in Germany suffer from shingles during their lifetime. You might also be interested in

In the entire city area : Number of measles cases in Cologne continues to rise

As the name implies, chickenpox spreads at lightning speed. Gerd Fätkenheuer: “The varicella-zoster viruses dormant after the chickenpox infection in the nerve tracts. As soon as the immune system starts to weaken, usually from the age of 50, the virus can get well and cause shingles. “Especially in patients who have to undergo chemotherapy, or who are dependent on prolonged cortisone treatment or their treatment Immune system for whatever reason must be shut down.
Information about vaccine protection Event “Measles & Co .: teething troubles – not a breeze even for adults” Monday, July 9, 7 pm studio dumont, Breite Straße 72, Cologne (admission 6 pm) Experts in conversation: Prof. Dr. Gerd Fätkenheuer, Privatdozentin Clara Lehmann, both Infectiologists Uniklinik, Prof. dr. Michael Weiß, Children’s Hospital Amsterdamer Straße, Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Wiesmüller, Health Department Cologne, Prof. dr. Mark Oette, Infectiologist Hospital of the Augustinians Moderator: Marie-Anne Schlolaut Entry: 15 euros including VVK fees, special price Abocard: 13 euros including VVK fees Cards: Service Center (DuMont-Carré) Breite Straße 72, Cologne, Cologne Ticket Hotline 0221/2801 Virus infection & vaccine protection Once more than 95 percent of the population is vaccinated against measles, the disease is considered successfully fought and eradicated. Germany is far away from this goal. Measles viruses infest cells of the immune and nervous system. Between infection and onset of the disease take ten to 14 days. The measles virus is transmitted by coughing, sneezing, speaking and enters the body via the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and the conjunctiva of the eye. Even at a distance of several meters, infection is possible. White spots in the cheek mucosa are clear evidence of measles. A rare complication of measles infection can reduce brain tissue in children under five years of age. The creeping destruction of brain cells is deadly. who does not or inadequately vaccinated, can become infected with measles, chickenpox and other dangerous viruses and bacteria. Those vaccinated against measles only once have no absolute protection. The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko,) recommends the one-time vaccination for adults. As a result, health insurance companies usually do not pay the costs for the second vaccination. There are exceptions – one should inquire with the own cash register. If unvaccinated and healthy persons have had contact with a measles patient, vaccination can prevent the onset of the disease within three days. Those who already have the first vaccination can make up for the second one. There is no age restriction. Anyone who does not know whether he is vaccinated at all or how often, can be vaccinated, the risk of overdose does not exist. (Mas)

Why a vaccine makes sense for adults

Information about vaccine protection


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