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Returns denied: Baby of British IS-devotee is dead

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<p class=Shamima Begum is currently in a refugee camp in Syria.

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

At the age of 15 she moves to the holy war in Syria, at the age of 19 Briton Shamina Begum wants to return home with her baby. But the government in London takes her passport. Now the baby dies in a refugee camp. It is the third child who loses the young woman.

The only a few weeks old baby of the British-born IS devotee Shamima Begum has died in Syria. The born only in mid-February boy is now dead, said the family lawyer in London. "His death is confirmed," attorney Tasnime Akunjee tweeted in the evening. According to the BBC, the boy died as a result of pneumonia.

The 19-year-old Begum had previously lost two children in the Syria conflict. They had died of illness and malnutrition. Begum emigrated four years ago as a 15 -year-old along with two school friends against the will of her family to Syria to join the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS). Shortly thereafter, she had married as a teenager.

Recently, Begum escaped from the last jihadist bastion in Baghus to a refugee camp in northeastern Syria. Most recently, her husband had tried to bring her to the Netherlands. He sits in a Kurdish prison camp, according to the BBC.

Begum, known in the UK as the "Jihad Bride," wanted to return to her homeland, but showed no regrets for IS attacks in interviews at the refugee camp. The British government deprived her of her nationality in February for security reasons and refused to return the young woman.



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