ReTV: Car technical inspection could be performed by private companies from next autumn, but the reality may turn out to be different – Competition Council expresses concern – – Auto – – iTech

Now car services will be able to apply for a technical inspection, but existing service providers will have greater advantages.

The aim is to expand the network of technical inspection stations. True, enlargement will apply only to Riga, in the regions everything will remain the same.

The second objective is to allow private companies to enter the market for the technical condition of vehicles. This is where the problems started. Currently, technical inspections are performed by four CSDD accredited companies, and it will be difficult for new applicants to compete with existing service providers.

“New service providers will have limited opportunities to participate. And secondly, the law already prohibits repairers from participating. There are no such restrictions in other countries,” says Jānis Račko, acting chairman of the Competition Council.

A similar opinion is expressed by the Auto Association.

“The process is based on existing companies, which a large part of the public does not know are already private companies,” explains Andris Kulbergs, President of the Auto Association.

The fact that public procurement is planned for ten years also raises concerns about the increase in the cost of the service.

The solution to the successful action plan can be seen in other European countries.

“In the Netherlands, this interaction of technical inspections with services has been going on for years. There, no service would think to open it and offer a technical inspection service,” Kulbergs continues.

It is planned to announce the tender by September next year. The question is whether those companies that currently carry out technical inspections in cooperation with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate will have an advantage and whether prices are expected to rise. The Competition Council promises to follow these aspects.

The Apollo portal already reported that on Tuesday, August 11, the Government supported the proposal of the Ministry of Transport (MoU) to stipulate that the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) should purchase the car technical inspection service, not provide it itself.

The informative report on the development of the technical inspection service for 2021-2030 states that the CSDD will continue to perform state technical inspection of vehicles, however, the technical control service will be procured in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, while monitoring the technical inspection process at each technical inspection station. collection of specified fees and performance of functions delegated by the state.

The CSDD will ensure the supervision of the technical inspection process by maintaining the state register of vehicles and their drivers, implementing control measures for merchants, maintaining video surveillance systems, providing training and certification of technical control inspectors and other supervision processes, as well as performing technical inspections on roads.

CSDD will also ensure the collection of fees for technical inspections in the amount provided for in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers issued in accordance with the Road Traffic Law at all technical inspection stations and will pay merchants for performing technical inspections and finance technical inspection supervision functions.

In turn, the subject of the procurement will be a technical control service, which will be ordered by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate and which the merchant will have the right to perform in a certain region.

In the opinion of the MoU, the application of public procurement principles will make transparent and objective entry of entrepreneurs into the market of vehicle technical control services and will promote the involvement of private merchants in economic activities.

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