Revaluation of the MINIMUM wage : the government closes the door on any developments

Revaluation of the MINIMUM wage : the government closes the door on any developments


No boost in the minimum wage (SMIC) on 1st of January next… The conclusion of the report of the expert group, the government is obliged to consult before the revaluation of the minimum wage legal of the 1st January is no surprise. If we except a small gesture to the arrival of François Hollande at the Elysée, now it’s been years that the government not increase the higher the automatic increase of the MINIMUM wage. But the group of economists led by Gilbert This of the Bank of France, not just this recommendation. He went much further, by addressing head on the sensitive issue politically as socially, for the actual calculation of the revaluation of the minimum wage.

Not in the presidential programme

The report does not open the Pandora’s box of the SMIC depending on the age, who has the gift of electric youth. But he advocates a radical reform : the end of the legal or, at a minimum, limiting it to inflation. The group of experts on throw this stone into the pond while the delicate reform of the labour Code is not yet complete, the ones training and unemployment insurance are not yet written.

This intervention is all the more surprising that the subject has absolutely not been mentioned by Emmanuel Macron in the presidential campaign. His program did not say a word – what Gilbert This can not ignore, having participated in its drafting.

” cornerstone “

as of late Tuesday afternoon, the ministry of Labour has also put the dots on the ” i “. the ” The government is committed to the principle of an automatic progression of the MINIMUM wage “ and ” the rules [French] indexing of the MINIMUM wage very specific in Europe […] are legitimately to preserve the purchasing power of workers earning the SMIC “, a-t-highlighted in the circle of Muriel Pénicaud, calling the minimum wage (SMIC) of ” cornerstone of our French social model “.

The unions had not failed to remember in the day that the proposals of the expert group were a casus belli. the ” Blow up the SMIC is a serious violation and dangerous “, had denounced the CGT, branding experts ” off the ground “. Désindexer the minimum wage would be ” a lack of economic and social heavy of sense “, had warned labour Force.

Failed class

And on the side of the employers, we had not rushed to applaud. The Medef has returned its response to the meeting between the government and the social partners which will be announced the renewal of the 1st January 2018. the ” The CPME is committed to the existence of a minimum wage, and if in a developed country like France, we were not able to maintain it, this would be a collective failure “, said its president François Asselin, raising the possibility of indexing on the evolution of wages at the european level. As for his counterpart in the U2P, Alain Griset, he pointed out that the problem is not so much the MINIMUM wage that ” the replacement of many workers by autoentrepreneurs “.

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