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The alleged price of Playstation 5 It has been revealed, and if true, Sony’s next console would be much cheaper than anticipated. According to the Canadian distributor Play N Trade, the PS5 It will debut at a cost of $ 600 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to about $ 400 US dollars. In other words, it would cost the same as Playstation 4 during its launch.

As you may already know, several analysts have placed the price of PS5 between $ 500 and $ 600 dollars, so if this console were to debut in said $ 400 dollars, it would undoubtedly manage to attract a much greater number of consumers than the Xbox One X, considering that its price is higher.

Although of course, it is also possible that all this is an error. The aforementioned distributor is already accepting pre-sales for the PS5, so this price can only be a placeholder so that people can purchase their pre-sale.

Via: NotebookCheck

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