Revealed! Anne Ratna Mustika Since Becoming Regent Always at the Official House, KDM: The Family House Has Never Been Seen

Denpasar Sound – Overtime Pakuan or Sukadaya Sukasari Village, Dawuan District, is the home address of Kang Dedi Mulyadi and Anne Ratna Mustika in the Subang area.

In fact, Dedi Mulyadi built the house with Anne Ratna Mustika, who is now the Regent of Purwakarta.

What’s more interesting besides the portrait of the house being built in the village is thick with local wisdom. It turned out that the house was jointly built by Dedi Mulyadi and his wife Anne Ratna Mustika.

But unfortunately, since Anne Ratna served as Regent of Purwakarta, she has never returned to the house. He chose to stay at the official residence.

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“Since Ambu moved to the official residence, he has never seen the house. Even though it is our family home that has built and raised our children and family to this day,” said Dedi Mulyadi as reported by the PojokSatu Youtube Channel, Thursday (11/16).

Dedi even admitted that he was currently renovating the house. “Today I’m doing renovations. Likewise, the asset of one more villa is really good, I take care of it every day as a family asset. From paying taxes, paying for electricity and water every month, it costs around IDR 20 million,” he explained.

Dedi Mulyadi doesn’t even know why Anne Ratna never visited the house. Even though we were there with Anne Ratna where she raised her children and built a household. Until Anne Ratna was elected as Regent.

The location of the Pakuan Overtime House is a few meters from the Sukasari Village Office. When entering the house, there is a smooth gate and knick-knacks such as bamboo walls, hats, umbrellas, paintings with various themes can be seen on the left and right of the road.

Beautiful gardens planted with various types of colorful ornamental plants add to the impression of being natural and pleasing to the eye. In addition there are facilities for the local community with several traditional Sundanese games there. ***

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