Revealed at Azis Syamsuddin’s Questioning Conference Arrange OTT to Matters at KPK


New information about the former Deputy Speaker of the DPR Azis Syamsuddin was revealed at the conference. Azis is said to have 8 people in the KPK to secure OTT or related matters.

This was conveyed by the Secretary of Tanjungbalai, Yusmada, in a trial with the defendants AKP Robin and Maskur Husain, at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta, Monday (4/10/2021). Yusmada is a suspect in the KPK. He is a suspect in the case of buying and selling positions at the Tanjungbalai City Government.

Initially, the KPK prosecutor asked Yusmada if M Syahrial had told him about Azis Syamsuddin’s ‘people’ at the KPK. Yusmada admitted that he had been told by Syahrial that Azis had 8 people in the KPK who could be mobilized by Azis.

Then the prosecutor read the news of the examination event (BAP) Yusmada. The content, a conversation with Syahrial about the 8 people of the KPK.

“BAP number 19, paragraph 2, you explained that M Syahrial said he could get to know Robin because he was assisted by Azis Syamsuddin, the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament because he met at Azis’ house in Jakarta. M Syahrial also said that Azis had 8 people in the KPK who could be mobilized. by Azis for the sake of Azis OTT or securing the case. One of them, Robin,” said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor also said what the phrase ‘to secure OTT and secure the Azis case’ meant Syahrial at the time. But Yusmada did not know for sure.

“Regarding what you heard from M Syahrial, that Azis Syamsuddin has secured OTT and case security, what case?” asked the prosecutor.

“Nothing was conveyed,” replied Yusmada.

He also did not know for sure what Syahrial meant when he said ‘Azis’ interests’. He said at that time only Syahrial spoke he did not reply and find out more.

“Just talking for the sake of Azis Syamsuddin?” asked the prosecutor again.

“Yes sir, just say anything,” he said.

“In your BAP, ‘it can be mobilized for the sake of Azis Syamsuddin’. (Syahrial) didn’t say anything?” said the prosecutor.

“No, sir, that’s all, sir,” said Yusmada.

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