Revealed! Best Selling Car Not Avanza ‘Killer’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Toyota Avanza established itself as the best-selling car in the 3rd quarter of 2022 by selling 46,764 units.

Its competitors, who some time ago often bothered, even often called the conquerors of the Avanza, can’t talk much now, namely the Honda Brio which is only in second place by selling 42,615 units.

The superiority of the Avanza cannot be separated from its nicks which have always maintained the best-selling car for 4 consecutive months, starting in June 2022. This shows that the Avanza is still strong even though many competitors have emerged.



Last month, the car labeled ‘the car of a million people’ recorded sales of 6,855 units.

In second place in last month’s sales, another Honda Brio appeared, which sold 6,246 units. This small hatchback car often overshadows the Avanza in second position and even shifts in first position several times.

Under the shadow of these two cars, during 9 months of sales, a commercial car emerged, namely the Suzuki Carry Pick Up by selling 39,474 units in the third position.

Then below it is the Toyota Kijang Innova with sales of 35,680 units. Underneath it is the Daihatsu Sigra by selling 33,887 units.

Here are the best-selling cars from January to September 2022:

  1. Toyota Avanza: 46,764 units
  2. Honda Brio: 42,615 units
  3. Suzuki Carry Pick Up: 39.474 unit
  4. Toyota Kijang Innova: 35,680 units.
  5. Daihatsu Sigra: 33.887 units
  6. Daihatsu Gran Max Pickup 33,540 units
  7. Mitsubishi Xpander 33.037 unit
  8. Toyota Rush: 31.971 unit
  9. Toyota Veloz24.850 unit
  10. Honda BR-V : 21.780 unit

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