Revealed, here’s the evidence of political content in the Habib Rizieq case is very strong

Political observer Arief Munandar suddenly raised his voice regarding former FPI High Priest Habib Rizieq Shihab who was asked to ask for clemency (forgiveness) from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

This is an option from the East Jakarta District Court Judges in the trial related to the swab test case at the Ummi Hospital in Bogor, West Java.

“I feel that the judge’s offer (to ask for a presidential pardon) is unusual in an ordinary trial,” explained Arief Munandar to, Friday (25/6).

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According to him, the choices provided by the judge for the defendant and also the prosecutor should only revolve around accepting a verdict, an appeal, or thinking about it first.

“The option to apply for clemency to the president is the right of the defendant which is usually used after the verdict has permanent legal force,” he said.

Therefore, according to Arief Munandar, the clemency option should not have been submitted after the verdict in the court of first instance.

“The existence of this unusualness is another proof that the political content in the case faced by HRS is very strong,” he explained.

Arief Munandar also suspects that the authorities are indecisive about giving treatment to Habib Rizieq.

“Treating Habib Rizieq harshly and confrontationally carries a big risk,” he concluded.

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