revealed that she bathes her children with holy water

Since Salvador was born last March, Carolina Cruz has been quite active in the different social networks and has constantly published everything related to the child’s health status, who suffers from torticollis.

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Carolina Cruz bathes her children with holy water

The Valle del Cauca, in the same way, revealed this week through an Instagram story the bathing routine that she has for her two children. In the publication, he modeled her and pointed out that she applies holy water to them.

“I put Salvador in a little ink, I put this bubble bath, his perfume and holy water, which I always spray on my fat people,” he said in the recording, which quickly went viral.

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Cruz, presenter of ‘Día a Día’ (Caracol Televisión), She has always shown herself to be quite a devout woman and from time to time she publishes phrases related to the Catholic religion. Next, the story that the businesswoman uploaded:

Carolina Cruz sent a message to Daniella Álvarez about her relationship with Daniel Arenas

La caleña, on the other hand, congratulated Daniella Álvarez on Tuesday for the launch of his foundation, which seeks to help low-income people who have lost some of their limbs. In addition, he sent him a message about his relationship with Daniel Arenas.

“Beautifull! We adore and admire you. PS: I love seeing you with Daniel. It was worth the wait. CUTE! ”Wrote the businesswoman from Valle del Cauca, ex-girlfriend of the renowned actor, to the former beauty queen.