Revealed, This Is The Cause Of Motor Engine Oil Rising To The Air Filter, One Of The Errors When Changing The Oil


Illustration of engine oil entering the motor air filter box – It was revealed that this was the cause of the engine oil rising into the air filter, one of which was an error when changing the oil.

There are several reasons that make engine oil rise to the motor air filter box.

Oil rising up to the motor air filter can occur due to overfilling.

In addition, there are also other causes that make engine oil rise to the motor air filter.

Engine oil rises and enters the air filter, of course, it has a negative effect on the motor engine.

According to Agung Prayitno from JGP Motorcycle, the most common cause of engine oil rising into the air filter of the motorcycle is filling the engine oil too much.

“Often found in automatic motorcycles, the owner often fills too much oil even though it is only 100 ml,” said Agung Prayitno.

The condition of oil rising to the air filter box is actually not only caused by frequently filling too much oil.

“Motorcycles that have fallen can also have engine oil rising into the air filter box. Because when the motor falls, it tilts and can cause engine oil to flow into the air filter hose,” he said.

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