Revealing the Hideout of the Suspect DNA Pro with Downline Revenue of IDR 330 M


Bareskrim Polri arrests two suspects in the robot case trading DNA Pro with turnover downline IDR 330 billion. The arrests were made after the hiding place of the two people was revealed.

The two suspects are the Founder of the Octopus Team, Jerry Gunandar, and the Co-Founder of the Octopus Team, Stefanus Richard. Both were arrested on Friday (8/4/2022) night.

“Both were arrested on April 8-9, 2022. They had turnover downline amounting to more than USD 22 million or Rp. 330 billion,” said Director of Special Economic Crimes at the National Police, Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan, to reporters on Saturday (9/4/2022).

Whisnu said the investigation team had carried out the development of the robot case trading DNA Pro after arresting the Co-Founder of Tin Rudutz, Rovvy Setiadi, who is also a suspect. From the results of the interrogation, investigators received clues to the whereabouts of Jerry and Stefanus.

“Investigators have received clues about the whereabouts of Jerry Gunandar and Stefanus Richard,” he said.

Arrested at a 5 Star Hotel

Both were arrested in a five-star hotel in South Jakarta. Both are said to be hiding in the hotel.

“The investigative team managed to locate the hiding place for Jerry Gunandar and Stefanus Richard, which is in a five-star hotel in South Jakarta and immediately arrested the two suspects, then brought them to the office for examination,” he said.

After conducting an investigation, investigators then detained the two suspects. In addition, investigators are tracking their assets together with PPATK.

“Investigators have detained the suspect Jerry Gunandar and the suspect Stefanus Richard. Investigators will continue to develop the other suspects and together with PPATK carry out asset tracing,” he said.

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