Revenge in “El Hotel de los Famosos”: after the sanction, Chanchi Estevez made a controversial decision

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


This Monday, “The Hotel of the Famous” had a “hot” edition. The reality show decided to sanction one of the most controversial participants, “Chanchi” Estevez after what was considered a lack of discipline.

It was Gabriel Olivieri who informed him that for one more week as part of the staff, without benefits such as being captain in the games. “We are going to continue working together, learning and continuing to grow. We were making progress but with this episode, unfortunately we went backwards,” he said.

After that, the former soccer player and DT did not want to comment on camera when being interviewed but went directly to action. He decided to leave the door of a refrigerator open, in revenge against the production of the program and against Locho. “I’m going to leave the refrigerator open for Locho when no one knows, more so that all the food is lost,” he told his companions.

Bad energies?

That there are, there are, they say. And “The Hotel of the Famous” seems to be no exception. Therefore, participants would have asked for something special in view of the “bad energy” that would be in the house.

And it is that to the tension between “the families”, it is added that the ElTrece reality show is going through key stages ahead of the final, scheduled for the end of July. According to @adrianabravista, they bet on an esoteric night: “2 women enter who know how to handle energies and entities. The participants believe that there are negative energies. They clean the house with vinegar and salt. The Turk who entered with Silvina disguises himself as a ghost and It scares them,” he said.

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Lissa is one of the participants who “has bad dreams and forebodings” related to what could happen in the family. For this reason, Chino Leunis enters with the spiritualists and even has his own supernatural experience. Fear!