Reverse the price of “Theether” stablecoin based on the “dollar” during the “baht depreciation”

in the middle of the marketCryptocurrencydecreased due to macro factorsworld economyfrom the numbersinflationthat continued to increase causing the US Federal Reserve (FED) to announceraise interest ratesPolicy and implementation of QT measures to reduce the liquidity of the dollar in the market.

including affecting the baht in Thailand The weakest continuously and the weakest in 16 years, hit 38 baht per 1 dollar.

for the marketcryptoOne cryptocurrency called “stable coin” Dollars are quoted, where 1 coin = 1 dollar, e.g. a coin Tether (USDC), where the Thether coin is the 3rd largest market capitalization of the Cryptocurrency market according to the Coin Index cap, and isStable CoinWhich holds the value all the time, ranked No. 1

by in the marketdigital assetsThailand has a trading price as well.baht currency” Make the Thether coin price move according to the market exchange rate.

if backThether Coin Pricesince Jan. 2022 Thai investors who bought in the price range of 33.49 baht according to the price on the digital asset exchange center During the period of the “baht appreciation” and holding until the present that the “baht depreciation” will benefit or not? Profit increased 13.73%

including information from The SEC reported that the coin “Thither” has accumulated trading value No. 1 in Thailand more than “bitcoin” accounted for 16.34% at 1.47 billion baht