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Reversing the common .. eggs and fish treats cold: false beliefs about "Inn

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Monday 15 April 2019


Light and moderate rain witnessed in different parts of Cairo and Giza with a significant drop in temperatures on Monday morning by about 6 degrees to 21 degrees.

The temperature fluctuation continues during the spring because it is characteristic of it, according to Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, head of the National Meteorological Authority. He called for caution while driving on the roads, especially near the water bodies. He was instructed not to wear summer clothes especially during the night.

In this atmosphere coincides with the spread of the incidence of colds, so confirms Dr. Mahmoud Saadawi head of Chest Diseases Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University in a previous statement to "Masrawi" that there is a set of beliefs about the wrong colds, namely:

1. Eggs, milk and fish treat cold

In contrast to the common, eggs, yogurt and fish are foods that help cure cold, because they contain proteins needed to strengthen immunity and get rid of the cold virus.

2. Hot drinks increase the cold

Contrary to what is believed, drinking general and hot drinks in particular, increases colds, coughs and nasal secretions.

3. Antibiotics do not treat colds

Antibiotics only treat bacteria, and viruses are the leading cause of colds, most commonly known as the "Coronavirus and Renovirus" virus.

4- Chicken soup treats sore throat

Eating chicken soup can help reduce sore throat, but it does not treat colds.

5. Getting out of hair is wet

Wet hair or clothing can not cause colds, the only cause of infection is the virus that causes it.

6 – duration of colds

Colds continue from 5 to 7 days only, and if continued for weeks, this may be due to recurrent cold infection.

Cold and flu

Symptoms of flu and cold are similar, but they are different. Mucus viruses are the cause of the flu, and the viruses "Coronavirus and Renovirus" are the most common cold viruses.

8. Colds abound in autumn

Cold virus is common in summer and autumn, and cold weather has nothing to do with colds.

Vitamin C treats colds

Vitamin C helps prevent colds before getting infected, but does not treat them.



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